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Top Five Movie Review (2014)

top five movie poster (2014)

Top Five Movie Review (2014)

Top Five is written and directed by Chris Rock as well as starring him and Rosario Dawson. It’s a movie about a very famous guy whose had a career, he had some well-known things that were kind of a joke and everyone wants him to stay that way, but he’s also had a serious problem with alcohol addiction and now he’s being interviewed by Rosario Dawson who’s a news reporter about his new attempt at launching a serious career.
I always thought that Chris Rock is really funny, his stand-up is genius, I mean the guy is hilarious. But his movie career was not that great. I know a lot of stand-up comedian have a really hard time transitioning from live performances to in a film because live performances are filled with a raw energy, you’re able to control that so much, you write the whole thing and suddenly you’re in a movie with a whole bunch of other people trying to control you and that’s a very difficult transition for a lot of stand-up comedians.
This is his third film he’s directed and by far his best. I found Top Five to be one of the funniest movie in 2014. It had at least two truly ‘I’m the loudest person in the theatre’ moments. I thought it was funny and heartfelt all the way through but those moments are like the ones were you just go, ‘Holy crap, I can’t breathe’ and this movie has at least a few of them.
What I loved about this movie is that Chris Rock is so vulnerable in it, like he’s usually such a comedian who is such a ferociously guy, like ‘Look at me, I’m awesome’ but in this movie you really do start to feel for how many shows and emotional side to him that I’ve never seen in a film from him ever. And despite its really hilarious moments, it has a lot and really touching heartfelt small human moments especially when he and Rosario Dawson, as they walk around the city and he is interviewed by her, you learn about her life, you learn about his life, you get to see awesome areas of the city but it’s really just about these small moments that you share with people that can really be hilarious and stories that you tell and ways of inspiring yourself to be the way you want to be.

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There are tons of celebrity cameos in this movie. Odds are if you’re fan of comedy, there’s going to be at least one person in here that you love. The movie also explores fame and celebrity quite a bit. It’s one of those movies where you have a celebrity and he’s walking down a street and people asking for autograph all the time and he’s talking about boohoo how horrible my life is and it’s so easy to look at celebrities as famous people, people who have any fame and say, ‘I understand you entirely, I see you in a video, or I see you on twitter, I see you in a movie and I know you as a person’. It’s simply not true and this movie explores that amazingly.
It’s really easy to relate to the film whether or not you’re famous or you’re just a normal guy like me, you’re able to watch the film and relate to the fact that tons of people are always trying to box you in to whatever they want you to be and it’s crazy how in depth Top Five actually got because I went to the film thinking this could be really funny cause Chris Rock is hilarious but I heard a lot of things about it and they were true. This movie is actually a lot more heartfelt than you would expect. But I need to reiterate, this movie was hilarious, I’m usually kind of quite laugher one but in this movie there were at least two or three crazy hilarious moments where I was like the loudest guy in the room which is rare for me because I like my silent in the movies but in comedy, sometimes you just got to let it out.
Top Five had truly hilarious moments, really heartfelt human moments, interesting characters relationship, tons of awesome comedians cameos and a story that you actually do start to care about. It’s not one of those comedies where when it gets serious it gets boring because that’s one of the biggest fall of comedies. Work starts out so funny and then all of a sudden you got to have a serious moment and it just goes down for like 30 minutes straight where the movie is trying to make you cry. Top Five story was interesting enough that I care during the more serious moments.

Director: Chris Rock
Writer: Chris Rock
Stars: Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union
Duration: 102 min

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