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Big Hero 6 Movie Review (2014)

Big Hero 6 is the first Disney’s animated film to have Marvel Characters in it. That’s why this film is possibly inspired by the Marvel Comic of the same name. The story is about a young kid name Hiro who’s extremely smart. This guy is a genius.
When the tragedy happens which I won’t spoil in case you don’t know, he then take responsibility for this thing called ‘Baymax’. He’s basically an inflatable nurse. He’s meant to care for you and make sure you’re okay in every way he can. The film takes place in a futuristic city called ‘San Fransokyo’ which is like a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo, where tons of new technology being invented every day.
When Hiro invent something called Microbots and the wrong man gets his hands on them and decides to use it for evil, Hiro unites with five other friends to form ‘Big Hero 6’ so they can save the world.
I love this movie, and what makes it so special, is the relationship that forms between Hiro and Baymax. Baymax is one of the most lovable character I've ever seen in an animated film. This is the type of animated film that makes you sad these characters don’t actually exist, because I would love to just hug that thing. The bond that forms between them is what gives this film its emotional core.
This movie is like an amalgamation of The Incredibles, Iron Man, The Avengers and Terminator 2. In Terminator 2, young John Connors was trying to teach The Terminator how to be more human, how to be more lovable. The movie was Rated R and there’s a lot of blood and violence and everything, but let’s face it, you like The Terminator in that movie a lot.
So you could say that we've seen a movie like this before, and we have, but the movie was directed so well, it’s written so well, and it’s really very funny, and the characters are what draw you to this movie. It’s a very entertaining kids film, but as I said, science place a large theme in this movie. And I remember when I was a kid being vastly interested in science, and I wanted to be an adventurer and do all these amazing things. And this movie has that feeling and ingenuity in it and I can see tons of kids watching this movie being like, “I want to make something special for mankind right now!”
But I can not stress enough that Baymax really makes this entire movie. He really was one of the most entertaining character of the year. Everything that came out from his robot voice was hilarious. The 3D was also terrific and I saw this movie with a buddy of mine, he was there with his four children, all of his kids adored it, and he’s in his 40’s and he loved it too. This is a movie that will appeal to all ages, and that’s the best type of family film, the one where the entire family go to and feel like they learn something, they were entertained, there was emotions to be felt and it didn't feel forced, it didn't feel like they were trying to shoved it down to your throat.
This might be my favorite animated film of the year, and not just because how entertaining the action scenes are and how lovable the characters are, it truly did had me with the emotional hard felt core of this film, and I can not praise the film enough for that because that is really hard to do, especially with an animated movie. Because the movie has a way of sneaking up on you and telling stories that are more realistic that kids can understand that sometime in life certain things do happen, and even though this is a fictional fantasy futuristic movie there is a lot of human emotions in this movie that is very raw, and I think that is something that good for kids to know about.
And I also think that adults are really going to appreciate that, mature audience are going to appreciate the fact that the film isn't just a kiddy movie with actions and explosions and fun. It has a real emotional core to it. It’s a fabulous family movie, definitely go check this one out guys. You should have a lot of fun.

Directors: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Writers: Don Hall (story), Jordan Roberts (story)
Stars: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez 
Duration: 108 min

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