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Interstellar Movie Review (2014)

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Interstellar is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain. This movie portrays our planet at some unspecified time in the future which we are running out of food. The dirt is just not providing food anymore like it used to and people are starving. When a possibility of interstellar voyage utilizing a worm hole becomes an opportunity for Matthew McConaughey, he leaves his family behind in search for possibly inhabitable world.
I was really excited to see this movie because Christopher Nolan in my opinion is one of the best director working today. His films are imaginative, they’re fun, they’re exciting, they’re big and they’re all really good.
So I was like, “Okay, Interstellar is going to be my favorite movie of the year, I can’t wait to see this movie, it’s going to be flawless, it’s going to be perfect,” Is it all those things? No, Interstellar is not a perfect movie, there are some flaws involved with it, the script has some issues, there are some narrative structure problems, some aspects of the way the film ended did not have the emotional punch that I felt was needed.
But I enjoyed the entire run-time of this movie because I genuinely did care about Matthew McConaughey’s character and his family, the entire setup of his family was so well done, and the launch into the space and that entire mission was so incredible, and the CGI was seamless. I barely even noticed any CGI, I mean honestly, the CGI becomes part of the movie, part of the environment, that is praiseworthy.

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I don’t have to tell you that Hans Zimmer’s score is fantastic, that the movie directed very well, that the CGI is good, because you guys all knew those things are going to be good.
Now, how about the story? It’s very interesting, without spoiling anything I did think a lot of the aspect of the way the film concluded were great. But the last ten minutes of the movie, I felt were completely unnecessary, too convenient, and too much like a perfectly wrapped gift. It’s just all felt too perfect.
Like the way Inception (2010) concluded, where they aiming for that catharsis in Cillian Murphy’s character, and they got it, and it’s just felt like, “Oh yes, this is so emotionally powerful,” I didn't feel that way in the end of Interstellar. They wanted me to, but I just felt like, “Well, this is really well directed and I wish that I was feeling like I care more at this moment.”
I don’t want to come off like I didn't like this movie because for goodness sake I did. This is going to be day 1 blu ray purchase for me. I have to praise its ambitiousness because it really has a lot of huge ideas. It’s kind of like annoying just threw themselves at the mercy of everyone, just like, “Look, this is what I want to do, here is all of it,” just blow the gigantic vomit of ideas, and he just put it all out there, some of it doesn't work, and some of it really does.
There are moments of brilliance in this movie, there are long stretches where my eyes were glued, there are moments where my mouth dropped, I got goosebump at a couple parts. I had to pee for like the last 90 minutes of this movie and I didn't get up. I was so into it that it kind of eclipses my qualms with the way the film concluded.
Even though I wanted a little more ambiguity for the way the film ended and more emotional punch to the film, I still so entertained by everything that came before that. The movie’s theme is what our place in life is, what our existence is, what our purpose is, are all really well realized.
Anne Hathaway is very good in this film, despite not really caring all that much about her character, all round is amazing visual treats your eyes are getting. McConaughey is the anchor that bring this movie back down to earth. He is terrific in the movie. Is he as good as the character in True Detective? No, but True Detective had 8 hours to build the character. He was just perfect in this movie, he really was.
The space sequences were just mind blowing, some truly epic stuff going on. Definitely a lot of inspiration from Space Odyssey (2001) in there, and a really funny robot character that I truly did not expect to be as awesome as it was.
I felt attached to his daughter when he was still on earth, the emotional connection between them is so real, so raw and so powerful. I really felt that, it didn't seem fake. It felt totally real, like all of the space mission stuff was great. It’s just the way the film wrapped up.
Like I said, no spoiler. There’s a moment when you think the film might be ending. At that point, I feel that if the movie ended, then it would've been a lot better than it was. But it goes on for about another 10 minutes.

Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain
Duration: 169 min

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